Leaders meeting opens the doors of international business opportunties for entrepreneurs

In past few months, I have come across several entrepreneurs and investors who are looking to expand their business, but are unable to do so due to the high cost of local resources. High infrastructure costs, as well as practical challenges in managing people, do not make business-process operations projects viable such as Call centers, BPO, Data entry. Customer service, Software Services

I was watching the joint statement between the Indian Prime Minister and President Barack Obama yesterday, during which they spoke about opening more opportunities in the outsourcing and service sectors. This is a huge opportunity for those who are looking to expand their business, but require extensive manpower to execute labor intensive projects. Buying equity in offshore Indian companies, which offer high quality labor resources, may be a lucrative option for investors that may require this kind of work in the future.

As 100% foreign direct investment is legal in India, the doors are open for growth, expansion and quality service for US-based companies. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has recently announced the opening of Indian infrastructure markets for foreign firm hire. US-based companies can do so much more, in terms of infrastructure, when sharing services with Indian resources.

India provides the biggest market for international companies, as well as the biggest talent pool those companies can build from. Identifying trusted offshore companies and partners can provide immediate opportunities for growing, US-based firms, particularly in new acquired equities and infrastructure. The Indian market is ripe for the taking, whether it be for social infrastructure or for-profit ideas. Between agriculture, defense, transportation, training, management skills, education and healthcare, there are opportunities everywhere.

India Inc. is also providing several tax break plans to help grow business infrastructures for future expansion. Just an example my company operate from a Special Economy Zone, which is free from taxation throughout the next decade. Our company is, specifically, focused on green initiatives; the new facilities we plan are formulated with modernism and climate responsibility in mind. We openly invite partners or similar companies to come forward with us, and make use of this green infrastructure jointly.

We have space-sharing plans in the US; why not do the same thing in India. Share the infrastructure, share the talent pool, and ultimately grow your business.

This meeting between the leaders of both countries provides hope, inspires the citizens and opens the door of progress for both countries.