Keep Up The Moral Fiber: Do’s & Don’ts For Your Holiday Party!

With Holiday Season around the corner, creating the holiday party rules for Medical Practice becomes a crucial task for physicians and managers. As a host, you are responsible for the guests’ safety. You have to make sure that your entire staff is fully aware of the “Party Rules” so that you don’t end up calling 911 in an emergency!

To begin with, the holiday party planning, you need to make a checklist like one below-

  • Holiday Celebration Fund – Don’t take the importance of celebrations too lightly. It is a prime tool for employee retention that you may employ in your medical practice. So, make sure you have a separate fund for the holiday celebration.
  • Make It Optional – Don’t make it an MUST-ATTEND event. Don’t banish or reprimand one who couldn’t make it to the party. Circulate the non-compulsory nature of the party both in written and verbal materials.
  • Add “Plus-One” on the Invitations – Long guest-list means higher expenses, but if you invite key employees, then you cannot forget to add “plus-ones.” Your practice is part of their (staff family’s) daily life. They have contributed, albeit indirectly, to many moments and success of your practice. It is time to acknowledge them and treat them as your extended medical practice family.
  • Consider a Venue other than Your Office – You can organize small events inside your medical office, but when you are expecting strangers, consider throwing the party at an outside venue. Less stress, less mess and you are ready to walk-in to a clean practice next morning!
  • Pre-plan Staff Holidays – Plan out the holidays that your staff will get before they start preparing for the party. This way everyone will know the work plan before and after the party is over. With expectations set, everyone can enjoy the get-together.
  • Focus on Code of Conduct – Though it’s a party, it is still an office party. So all the rules and codes mentioned in the employment policy are very much applicable to this event too, and you should remind all staff about this. Inappropriate speech or gestures must be avoided. Proper professional etiquette and mannerism should be maintained at all cost.
  • Fix a Dress Code – Just like any other office event, it is best to set the staff expectations from the very beginning. Set a rule to limit or, better eliminate inappropriate behavior and dressing. Remind your guests that it is an office event, so no revealing or “naughty” outfits.
  • Stick To The Rules – If it is mentioned in the employment policy “No Alcohol allowed in office premises,” stick to it. If anyone receives a gift of this nature, suggest the employee keep it in their car/vehicle outside the office. Certainly no opening or, consuming alcohol inside the practice! All important points from the employment policy about gifts, holiday party, appropriate code of conduct, an event – should be mailed to employees/invitees in advance.
  • Booze Check – Nothing could be better if you can skip on Alcohol entirely as it can lead to several unwanted series of events (accidents, assaults, fight) that may drag you into a lawsuit. Well, for some, alcohol makes the party planning checklist without a second thought. In that scenario, it is your liability to enforce alcohol consuming limits. You can introduce drink coupons or limited ‘bar open’ hours. Make sure someone is watching over the drinking incessantly. With no supervising set of eyes, you are inviting drinkers to take those extra drinks. Instead, serve appetizers and food in time. It will keep them full and drink less.
  • Ensure Safe Return of the Guests – Returning home after consuming alcohol could be intricate not only for the smashed guests but you as well. Arrange for a car drop for those who feel impaired to travel by themselves. Hire Uber, a taxi-on-call service or commercial transport services. Is it getting expensive? Give it a second thought; it is nothing in comparison to expenses for legal proceedings.
  • Confirm with Your Insurance – Verify how much your EPLI insurance policy is going to cover you in an episode of exposure. It is always better to take precautions, rather than regretting and working hard to make up for it.

This checklist is to ensure you and your guests are safe at the end of the day. Remember, this is an event to appreciate your hard-working employees for their valued efforts. So make it a memorable event and enjoy yourself.

Happy Holidays!

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