Why is that “Last Push” so important?

This is me 3 years ago giving my all to achieve optimum results for my body.  The force behind my motivation was a coach who pushed me hard every time I trained with him. When I hit that wall of exhaustion, he’d tell me that now is the time to push harder, “One last push! That last push is what gives you the best results.”

In first month of my training with him 3 years ago, I lost 20 lbs, and I’ve continued to maintain the same weight for 2 years after. As time passed and my priorities changed to focus on my family, I found that despite devoting the same amount of time at the gym — I couldn’t maintain my motivation, or my weight.

For a while, I couldn’t figure out what was missing. Then one day, it hit me. I was missing the fight, the motivation to power through exhaustion. The last push.

After that, once I reached my limit, I always gave the last push. Finally, I started seeing results. I’ve also taken this lesson beyond my workouts, into the world of business, and I’ve found that it holds true. The last push can give you the best results.

Think about your business. Do you give the last push when serving your clients? If you aren’t, they can feel it. Almost everyone will give their all to gain a client, but once that relationship is secured, do you continue to go above and beyond? Do you really care to maintain the same motivation — the last push — throughout the lifecycle of the contract?

You should because commitment to that last push is the key to lasting success. Companies who have a process to keep their people motivated generate continuous value for their clients because everyone is ready to give that last push when the time is right.

There are many ways to keep that motivation alive for your employees. For me, I find that coaching is the best approach. Medical Billing and Coding can be very detailed work, and we require excellence from our coders — that means constantly going above and beyond to push for client wins. That sort of work can lead to exhaustion and burnout if the employees aren’t supported.

That’s why we support them. Early on in my business, I met a particularly motivated Medical Biller in an induction program. He and I continued to email throughout his career with us — and his motivation never failed. Because he had found a coach in me. His motivation and performance have only improved with time, and he knows that I’m here to support him.

Now, it doesn’t make sense for me to be the coach for every employee. But this initial relationship taught me that every employee should have someone to mentor them for optimum performance. Someone there to coach them and tell them, “One last push! That’s how you get the results you want.” That’s why PracticeForces Supervisors and Managers are trained not to monitor their direct reports, but to MENTOR them. Monitoring someone takes away their freedom to give their best, whereas mentoring fuels someone to give their all, through to the last push.

Look around. If you don’t have a formal mentorship program in place already, you’ll probably notice that your top performers have found someone to coach them along the way. In our business, when a biller fights for a medical practice’s money from the insurance companies and patients, the results of his efforts almost always come from that last push — and the medical billers who are the best at this almost always have the strongest mentorship relationships.

The last push is that extra follow-up call, it’s never dropping the ball, it’s pushing to collect for our clients even when the insurance company or patient are making things difficult, it’s collecting the payment and taking joy in the clients’ wins.

If you’re noticing that your employees are running out of steam before that last push, step up – be their coach. Let them know the last push is the one that gets results. If you’re an employee, but no one there cares about that last push, you don’t have to waste your career there! Push yourself to better opportunities.

Throughout life, this same principal applies. Decide what the goal is, and when you start sweating, when you feel like you’re at the end — just give it one last push.