If It’s not Intolerance! Is it the problem of Law and order?

My two cents on growing ‪#‎intolerance debate! It is getting heated across India and beyond, but nobody seems to be tolerant enough to digest that the main reason for Indian immigrants fleeing from India in last 40 years is not religious or constitutional freedom? It was indeed the constant hunger for prosperity amongst the middle class. India as a country has been extremely plural, tolerant and secular by any means at large, but, unfortunately, the unfortunate situation of law and order sometimes gives the so called intellectual class an excuse to curse their own nation. This is the same category who controls most power in the country and still not able to use it in a positive way. God bless them!

I have never seen any fear in our lives while growing up in that country for almost three decades. It is disheartening and rather disappointing to see that everybody from all classes is becoming a part of this media hyped controversies. The only way to solve this issue is absolute control over racial profiling over Politics, Media and intellectuals who utter racial remarks to gain free publicity whether it’s about the cast, religion or classes. Indian constitution does not allow racism but Indian politicians or lawmakers themselves play the cast based card during the elections, and the recent‪#‎bihar elections is the biggest example of this filthy game. People like‪ #‎amirkhan and others do control power in this country, and they do an excellent job by raising social issues time to time. They have to understand the sensitivity of their own remarks and rather use that weapon to control the lawmakers then sparking the controversies among poor citizens of the country who only follow them as fans. @sonofindia ‪#‎sonofindia‬

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