Yours truly is now 45


Ho, Ho! Christmas is coming and guess what – I just turned a year older! Yup, yours truly is now 45.
Now whether I have been a good boy this past year is up to Monsieur Santa Claus to decide, but as always, my birthday has me going in a bit of self-reflection mode.
I feel like having gained the wisdom of 75-year-old in a body of 25-year-old, thanks to the love and support of my family and friends (of all age groups) who continuously challenge me to do something new every day.
The number ‘75’ stirs up all sorts of emotions and memories because that’s the age that my Dad died. I missed him like hell this past year, but I miss him especially today. I couldn’t do much for him in his last moments, sitting here in the U.S, and that’s something that I’ll live with forever. But I am happy that my mother, who lives in India, is doing well, surrounded by neighbors and extended family.
As someone said, let’s be positive and move forward, so I’m indeed counting all my blessings. For instance, I wasn’t admitted to the hospital or I didn’t run into a car accident although I did get two-speed citations (psst Santa, could you overlook that?).
Keeping myself in the best shape has remained my obsession, but my CrossFit schedule is suspended for a month due to the injury on my left foot. However, I picked up a new habit of indoor cycling which will help in keeping my weight in control during the winter season.
I had mixed feelings this year when our immigration status changed through naturalization. I suddenly realized that my excitement level is not the same about living an American dream as it was 15 years ago when we applied for H1B visa since it gave me a little feeling of guilt somewhere deep in my heart of leaving my country of birth. Although, listening to India News on YouTube during driving back to home on my smartphone is still the part of my regular daily schedule. Indian politics and Bollywood movies still excite me.
Out of all this, it seems I have completely forgotten to mention work. I gained little more popularity on my professional social media accounts in terms of the number of followers and content views. My speaking engagements have gone up this year because I finally figured out a new work mantra – If you can’t do the things yourself then it’s better to inspire someone else who can do it for you!
I think my parents figured out the formula for success and that is if you marry the smartest person on this planet you don’t need to worry about your financial affairs. While I’m busy dreaming about the future, my wife Parul is protecting the present, working hard taking care of the business and our family. Speaking of which, our kids have started showing the signs of adolescence and now preach us on how to behave like responsible parents. Go figure!
Thank you all, who connected with me online and offline to wish me on this special day. My love for you will never change.
If we don’t get to speak before the year ends, I wish you Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Be naughty and nice 😊
God bless us all!
Kunal Jain