The Best Man You Will Ever Need For ICD 10 / Medical Billing

Yes.  We are the best man team you will ever need to help you tide through most important change in your practice – ICD10 Implementation. Now, that’s a loud and proud claim and we will justify it soon. Stay with us.

Should You Outsource For ICD10 Implementation?

Its answer depends on your readiness as a practice to handle all the changes that come with ICD 10 implementation. Close to our heels, effective October1, 2015, it’s high time to understand and review the impact of ICD 10 implementation. If you are a small or medium-sized practice and not prepared adequately to take of your billing & implement the ICD10, your practice could face major revenue hit. Since no ICD9 codes will be acceptable for services rendered by practices/physicians after September 30, 2015, the time is NOW to take stock of the situation.

Let’s start by checking off the following questions to see your readiness for ICD10 Implementation:

  1. Can your office staff handle the increased work load?
    1. There will be claim denials, correct & specific coding required, and many other checks will increase the work load of your in-house billing staff.
    2. Revising any policy or procedure
    3. Coordinating with many touch points
    4. Handle work flow changes
  1. Are you all the staff members/touch points in your practice trained in new ICD 10 coding and transition requirements?
    1. Physicians, nurses, billing and support staff – everyone will need varying degree of training on the changes getting implemented and course of action to take if issues arise.
  1. Ae you prepared to deal with predicted challenges of new ICD10 Implementation, affecting your practice’s cash flow?
    1. Increase in A/R Days
    2. Increase In Claim Errors
    3. Rise In Claim Denial Rates
  1. If you plan to hire a new member for ICD10 Implementation, does it make financial sense?
    1. Outsourcing will probably be a fraction of the cost as compared to hiring a dedicated manager for ICD10 implementation.

If your answer is less than 100% sure in any of the above areas, then you should consider outsourcing medical billing to a vendor who is ready with upgrades to manage ICD10 Implementation flawlessly.

Time To Justify Our Claim:

Practice Forces will be your best chosen medical billing partner for we will bring to the table a host of features, benefits and system upgrades-all this and your peace of mind!

  1. We are ready for ICD 10 changes.
    • Trained ICD10 Coders
    • Code mapping in place
    • Clear Conversion Plan
  1. Comprehensive Safety & Security Protocols
  2. Integrated Systems
  3. Dedicated Account Manager For Your Practice
  4. Our hands-on experience with multiple clients.
  5. Support Options – we are just a call away.

At Practice Forces, we are offering our existing clients seamless upgrade from ICD 9 to ICD 10. For physicians & practices that means, getting paid in time for their service with no worries of incorrect coding. And, at NO extra cost. Give us a call today for a FREE consultation at 866-634-6327 or email us

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