Love life and each other- Happy Valentine’s day!

What would challenge me to replace my car with a bike?
इलेक्ट्रिक साइकल की सवारी, इसलिए शायद Tesla उतारी
दोनो में बैटरी है, इसलिए super charge करती है |
किंतु मन चंचल है , लेकिन सिम्पल है |
शोर करता है , बार बार कहता है, गुजरे वक्त को फिर जी लो|
नया वक्त आएगा , साथ में जोड़ो के दर्द भी लाएगा |
अभी थोड़ी जवानी बाक़ी है, रब ने कहा इतनी काफ़ी है |
हर दिन Valentine  है , अगर हम थोड़े मनचले है ||
Happy Valentine’s Day! 
electric Cycle ki sawari , Isiliye Tesla utaari 
Dono me battery hai, Isiliye super charge karti hai|
Man chanchal hai, Lekin simple hai 
Is liye shaur karta hai, Aur bar bar kehta hai |
Purane waqt ko jee lo, Naya waqt aayega 
Saath me jodon ke dard bhi layega|
Abhi thodi jawani baaki hai fir rab ne kaha itna kaafi hai
Har din valentine hai, Agar hum thode playful hai||
Happy valentine’s Day!

Life is always hectic, but in the past few months, it seems to have become busier. It’s as if everything required my attention on all fronts – employees, home, and family.

One of the things on my agenda over the last few weeks had been to find the perfect birthday gift for my wife. An electric bike seemed like a good idea; She could use the bike to go to the grocery store, to meet friends, or to plan a weekend sports activity. More importantly, ( I thought) we could spend time together riding bikes across our lovely town of Safety Harbor. So I decided to buy an electric bike for both of us.

A few days later, I narrowed in on an electric bike sold on Amazon; it had the best reviews and fulfilled my requirement of the kind of model I wanted to buy for my wife. But as I immersed myself in researching more bikes and reading the customer reviews, I got carried away and chose a fancy bike for myself; the bike I liked was one with big orange wheels and speeds of up to twenty miles per hour.

When the bike arrived, I was as excited as a teenager with a new set of wheels. Suddenly, everywhere I went, I was on my colorful and powerful electric bike. My gym, the office, and even the grocery store are within a five-mile radius from my home. And the electric bike became my preferred mode of transport to any of these places.

I have a medical condition which was resulting in mood swings as well as weight gain. Despite my efforts to lose weight, I was not able to accomplish the goal of keeping an ideal weight for my body. The decision to buy a bike changed everything for me. For starters, I am much more regular with the gym workouts since I enjoy hopping on the bike to get there. Riding that bike has made me want to go out more, even after a tiring day at the office. Spending more time outdoors has been great for my overall sense of well-being. I find myself feeling more at ease both at home and at work. Of course, from a physical fitness perspective, I could have bought a regular bike, instead of an electric one, but I am thrilled with the choice I made.

We can all do something to make ourselves healthier and happier. Whether it’s my kids at home or my young employees in Florida, I find that they are spending too much time on their computers and mobile phones interacting with people virtually rather than making real-world connections. They just aren’t spending enough time outdoors. That’s a trend that I also see in the India office, which employs four hundred people, most of whom are in the under forty age group. For a long time, I have been speaking to these different groups of people about spending more time outdoors. It would boost not only their physical health but also their emotional well-being. I hope that sharing my experience with buying a bike, spending more time outdoors, and the positive impact it has had on my health will encourage others to make similar changes.

Of course, the original intention behind buying the bike has not been realized. And I extend a public apology to my wife for not having gone for a single bike ride with her. But, I promise to make amends soon. At the same time, I do feel that this change in my sense of well-being, will allow me to be a better husband. 

Happy Valentine’s Day to all the beautiful partners and spouses around the world. Cherish yourself as well as each moment you spend with your significant other. Please Dont forget to subscribe my blog , share your comments or suggestions.


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