I see A new town is nestling!

Kids started playing outside during COVID-19

I see A new town is nestling into my town

In the past few weeks, I see a new town is nestling into my town

Every time I step out of my home, I see a different colored sky.

The park, and this marina, never before have these been crowded as much, as they are now

The shops that were closed, are selling goods in new ways

Neighbors of my age who used to be cooped up in their rooms, are now out roaming the streets of the town.

Kids whose world revolved around computers are also keen to move away from the confines of their homes

All these people are children of this town, but never before have they been seen out like this, day after day.

Earlier it seemed that this town was aging

Now it seems as if the town has suddenly become young.

Is this the aftereffect of coronavirus?

What we saw as a reason for mourning, has become a new lease of life.

Something new has come upon this town, it’s as if a new town is nestling into its own

A new town is nestling into my town.

Original Hindi Version

मैं इस शहर में एक नए शहर को बसते हुए देख रहा हूँ।।

पिछले कुछ हफ़्तों में मैंने, अपने इस पुराने से शहर में एक नए शहर को बसते हुए देखा ।

जब जब घर से बाहर निकला, कुछ नए रंगो को आसमान में उकरते देखा ।।

वो पार्क और यह दरिया दोनो इतने आबाद कभी नहीं दिखे, जितना उनको अब देखा।

जो दुकाने बंद हो गयी थी उनके सामान को नए तरीक़ों से बिकता देखा।

जो हमउम्र पड़ोसी बरसो से अपने अपने कमरों में बंद थे, 

उनके कदमों को भी इस शहर की गलियाँ नापते देखा । 

वो बच्चे जिनकी दुनिया उनके कम्प्यूटर में सिमट आयीं थी, 

उन्हें भी अब उस दुनिया से दूर अपने घरों की चौखट लांघते देखा।

यह सब इस शहर की संताने है लेकिन उन्हें, 

बाहर इस तरह रोज़ रोज़ निकलते कभी नहीं देखा ।

पहले लगता था की इस शहर की उमर बढ़ रही है । 

अब लगता है की नहीं शायद कम हो गयी है? 

कोरोना ने यह क्या चमत्कार कर दिया ? 

जिसको मातम समझे थे उसने नया जीवन अविष्कार कर दिया ।

कुछ ना कुछ तो नया है यहाँ पर की अब इस शहर में,

में एक नया शहर बसते हुएँ देख रहा हूँ । 

में एक नया शहर बसते हुए देख रहा हूँ ।

Please read the article I Wrote about this situation here.

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  1. Coronavirus has definitely changed our perspective. This is for the first time that people have started appreciating health and life, in general. Probably, the attitude towards money has also changed.

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