Today, I am back from my home country!

Street vendors in India
Street vendors in India can’t handle social distancing

Today, I am back from my home country

Even in times of Coronavirus, I have managed a whiff of my country’s soil

Who knows the number of days were spent playing on this soil

I have accounted for every day on this day

I am back from my home country

They said, “Don’t go.” Some others said,”Stop.”

The danger of coronavirus persists

I said, “Mother has called me.”

Can any danger dissuade one from a mother’s wish?

Forget corona, even God cannot touch me.

I said, “Mother has called me.”

Someone recommended, get a test. Use a sanitizer every time you go or come from some place

If you are not worried about yourself, think of your loved ones. Spend a few more days in quarantine. 

I said, from whom all will you protect yourself?

If you close the road

Can you cheat death and become the cause of someone else’s?

Every person is in fear, and has different tales to spin

Without even realizing people are becoming a nuisance for others.

In the name of corona, as people close one door, they find ways to pocket money from others 

Today my country is playing with its soil itself!!

I am back from my home country!!

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Made in India, Serving Humanity, Living in Safety Harbor Florida, USA. Healthcare Entrepreneur. Author ”A Philanthropist Without Money” Driven by an inherent desire for knowledge and creative thinking, I harnessed my “Mid Life” energies to becoming a student again, challenging myself to take an executive course in ‘Global Healthcare Innovation’ from Harvard Business School and a Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship from the University of South Florida. Not satisfied with personal success alone, now I’m on a mission to help other aspiring entrepreneurs through mentoring, nurturing, raising funding, and connecting people with more possibilities.

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