Happy Birthday To me!

My recent vacation to Riley North Carolina

What a year it’s been. But today, as I turn 47, I am ever more grateful for being here, for having the life I have. The last six months, despite the staggering odds, reminded me that when ‘going gets rough, the tough get going.’

I am in awe at the way my clients stood resilient in the face of massive challenges in the healthcare sector and the way that my entire team of employees ( both in Florida and in Jaipur) rose to the occasion and helped us weather a year that none of us could have foreseen at the start of 2020. It is truly a year where everyone learned to adapt quickly and use technology to work effectively – the pace at which the change occurred has ( in retrospect) been mind-boggling.

Then again, when I launched the ‘Educate the Girl Child’ online campaign in September, I was touched by the kindness and willingness of so many people to contribute in any way possible to this noble cause.
Amidst the losses all around, we were blessed with a new life in our immediate family, and that bought such joy to our hearts. The lockdowns allowed my family to slow down and rediscover each other as we adjusted to the new normal together.

Parul’s little nephew and My son in the middle during the vacation.

I feel blessed to have been able to spend some wonderful weeks at my mother’s home in Jaipur, eating home-cooked Indian delicacies, the proof of which I am still trying to shake off 🙂
So on my birthday, my only prayer is that the almighty continue to bestow these blessings and allow me to live a life where I can help others through my work and through my deeds.
Friends, family, clients, employees, and acquaintances, if you happen to be reading this message – I am grateful that you have been with me on this remarkable journey thus far. All I ever seek are your best wishes and would like to narrate these lines from my famous shayar Gulzar!
Tujhse naraz nahi, zindagi, hairaan hoon main!
I’m not displeased with you, life; I’m simply perplexed!

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Made in India, Serving Humanity, Living in Safety Harbor Florida, USA. Healthcare Entrepreneur. Author ”A Philanthropist Without Money” Driven by an inherent desire for knowledge and creative thinking, I harnessed my “Mid Life” energies to becoming a student again, challenging myself to take an executive course in ‘Global Healthcare Innovation’ from Harvard Business School and a Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship from the University of South Florida. Not satisfied with personal success alone, now I’m on a mission to help other aspiring entrepreneurs through mentoring, nurturing, raising funding, and connecting people with more possibilities.

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