West Glacier Park Lake Snyder Hike

I visited #westglacierpark in Montana for a family vacation recently. It’s an abundantly beautiful natural heavenly abode. We were hiking 6000 feet above sea level. I thought of quitting several times while hiking this high; it’s a 5-hour hike, but I am so happy that I didn’t quit! The outcome was worth taking the pain. Someone told me once, “No pain, no gain, and keep doing it again and again.” The thought stayed with me during the hike to #snyderlake, the shortest hike from lake Mcdonald lodge and located in the west glaciers mountains in Montana.

The entire Hike, you will see the burnt forest trees

I estimated that the hike meant I would be away from work for 5 hours. I chose this based on my calculations after witnessing the mountain trail up close. But  I had no idea that the trip would be that adventurous. I didn’t research or talk to anyone before starting the hiking trail.

I saw this sign after hiking 3 miles from lake Mcdonald lodge. Every 15 minutes from here on, a thought came to my mind to quit and go back. The effort was not bothering me, but hiking alone in the middle of nowhere was a little scary. Someone also told me that this is when bears are usually spotted in the mountains. Luckily I met a few other hikers on the way, which gave me a little more confidence to continue my journey.

Lake Snyder

I  hiked for the first 3 hours without taking a break. Finally reached the glacier, which led to the final destination of Snyder lake. Beyond the junction, the trail ascends through a forest of western hemlocks, red cedars, and larches on moderately steep grades along the north side of the Snyder Creek drainage. I guess this little paradise in the lap of three hills was the west glacier. The lake was half-frozen. I could hear the song of nature in the flowing river. Snow was melting from the top of the mountain, sliding down the hills, forming a waterfall, with the water falling to lake Mcdonald, where I started my hike. Here is a Hindi poem I wrote after coming down from the Hike.

Mt Glacier Vacation 2022 Lake Mcdonald

इतनी ऊँचाई थी की गिरने से नहीं
बल्कि उठ जाने के भय से मन काँप रहा था ।।
अपनों से दूर ना हो जाऊँ कही
बस इस ख़याल से मन भाग रहा था ।
ना कोई आस पास ना किसी को कुछ खबर
में कौन हूँ यह किसी को नहीं पता
ओर हो भी तो किसको इस की फ़िकर॥
सिर्फ़ में ओर यह दरिया ढूँढने तक का सफ़र ।
इस दरियाँ को ढूँढने की जो आस थी
उसकी हर आहट में मेरी मंज़िल थी ॥
वो जो अदृश्य थी पर कल्पना में
शायद स्वर्ग से भी सुंदर थी।
यह सफ़र अद्वितीय था, अप्रतिम था
इसमें एक नया आविष्कार था
दरिया दिखी ओर उसमें बहती हुई मेरी परछाई भी दिखी
यह परछाई शायद वहाँ तक जाएगी
जहां मेरा पता कोई जानता होगा ।
वो पूछेगी में कहा हूँ ।
यह दरिया कहेगी वो जल्द ही आ रहा हे
तुम सिर्फ़ आस रखो मेरी लहरों में कभी कोई डूबता नहीं सिर्फ़ पार पा जाता हे । सिर्फ़ पार पा जाता हे
तुम सिर्फ़ आस रखो वो आ आएगा , वो ज़रूर आएगा ।
दरिया ने मेरा संदेश पहुँचाया मुझे अपने पे थोड़ा ओर भरोसा आया॥
अपनी मंज़िल को लेने आज शायद खुद ख़ुदा आया ॥

Hindi poetry

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