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जहाँ डाल डाल पर सोने की चिड़िया करती है बसेरा, वो भारत देश है मेरा, वो भारत देश है मेरा।

The song in Hindi states that this is a country where golden birds are perched on the branches of trees; that’s my country, Bharat (India). The background score is a very famous song from 1965, originally from the movie Sikander-E-Azam, sung by the legendary Mohammad Rafi, music composed by Hansraj Behl, and written by lyricist:…

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Happy Birthday To me!

What a year it's been. But today, as I turn 47, I am ever more grateful for being here, for having the life I have. The last six months, despite the staggering odds, reminded me that when 'going gets rough, the tough get going.'

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Father’s Day Decoded in a podcast and a Poem!

This podcast was recorded Live from Father's Day Event produced online by me presenting Three Fathers from Diverse Backgrounds and One comedian Dan Nainan followed by a Hindi Poem.
पिता का साया माँ के आँचल से बहुत बड़ा था।
इसीलिए शायद में पिता के काफ़ी क़रीब खड़ा था।

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An Ode To My Father – Kaushal Kishor Jain

Today is my father 5th Commemoration day. He left us as I stood by his bedside. Kaushal Ji’s friends and our extended family gave me tremendous strength by convincing me that it was his destiny, and not a failure. It was his time to go. But I still can’t shake off the feeling that as his son, I was not with him in his final moments of consciousness. Here is one chapter for you to read from the book I wrote on him last year.

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