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Hi Friends नमस्ते दोस्तों

Welcome to my blog, where I write about all that I learn from life and business as a proud Indian American.

I am an Indian immigrant based in Florida, U.S.A. I arrived here in 2003 and since then, with the help of my wife, I’ve built several successful businesses. Today, I am the proud employer of at least three hundred people in the U.S. and in India. 

I come from the colorful and culturally rich North Indian state of Rajasthan. My mother and sister, and much of my extended family still reside there, and so I often go to India to spend time with them. My father was a politician by profession, but a social reformer by heart. Growing up, I had the opportunity to watch him in action – he was a man of immense talents, chief amongst them was his networking skills, and the ability to persuade large gatherings of people to take collective action. Motivated by his life’s work, I published my first book in his memory in 2019. The book is titled, ‘A Philanthropist Without Money – Kaushal Ji.’

I came to the U.S. with a few hundred dollars to my name, but like so many others arriving to this great country, my heart was buoyed by achieving the ‘American Dream.’ Over the years, as my company grew, so did my children. My wife and I are incredibly proud to see our daughter and son bloom into talented, introspective individual, who have managed to strike a balance between their Western upbringing and Indian family values.  

If you ask me if I have a good life, I’ll say a resounding, yes! But if the follow up question is,“Do you want more from life”, I will again give you a resounding, yes!

I see myself as a life-long learner, in all my roles – as an entrepreneur, business mentor, friend, husband, and father. You could say I revel in being a student of life.

My life experiences make me appreciate the good of Western and Asian cultures and puts me in a unique position to identify what can be done better.  Nothing goes by me unnoticed, I want to pay attention to every detail happening in front of me. Often these observations emerge in the form of poetry (which I share on this blog), and sometimes as opportunities to improve myself.

The name of the blog ‘Baithak’ is a Hindi word, which means a sit-down event where people come to discuss and hear each other’s opinions.

I invite you wholeheartedly to join my baithak.  

Founder of Kaushalam Foundation On a mission to impart enterprising skills among youth who aspire to build the next generation sustainable and scale-able social enterprises which contribute to India’s transformation as a developed nation.

“I have known Kunal nearly two decades on both the professional front and non-profit boards. Kunal is an amazing entrepreneur with phenomenal people skills, an insightful strategist, with a CAN-DO attitude. He is a visionary who works well with all stakeholders to achieve his goals. His innovative approach to entrepreneurship puts him the top echelon of startup leaders in the country.”

Palaniswamy Rajan – Managing Partner, CTW Venture Partners; Chairman & CEO of SoftWear Automation; Chairman of Virima Technologies

“Kunal is hardworking and achieves his goals. He is able to motivate those working with him and he is fun to work with. I observed his start-up and develop a company over a two-year period that was very impressive. He will be a “winner” in whatever he chooses to do.”

Bruce Elliot – Chief Innovation Officer at Digital Swiss Partners
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